Monday, 12 March 2018

2nd day in Worthing

Today we all met at the Worthing Train Station at 9:00 am. 
When we all had arrived we met with our guide. He introduced himself and took us to a tour in the town. 
We visited the police station, the two cinemas, the pier,the town center and the marine parade.

In the town center we did a quiz.
The quiz was about the town and to answer the question we needed to ask questions at the people of the town (British people are special in some occasions).
At 12;15 we went to school and we ate lunch there, after that we went to have lessons. 
The lessons started at 14:00 and finished at 16:30. When we finished some girls went to the center (again) and they bought some clothes.
Finally we arrived home and stayed the evening with the family.

By Gisel•la Blanc, Ariadna Canela and Laura Llandres.

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