Tuesday, 13 March 2018

3rd day in Worthing

Today we met at 9 at the train stop worthing.
We have caught a train at 9:30 that has taken us to Chichester.

Upon arrival we went to a Roman park, where the Chichester cathedral was located. This cathedral is based on Protestants, as it was created by one of them. then we went to the center of town, where the organizer gave us free time. 

We have gone for a walk to visit stores to buy something and then we have returned to the meeting point. At 12 o'clock we left to catch the train back to Worthing. Then when we arrived at school we had a delicious lunch and after that we went to class. In our opinion the things that we learn are very good because are of England. After english classes we went home.

By Marc López, Bru Fernàndez i Max Garcia

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