Sunday, 11 March 2018

First day in Worthing

March 11 2018

6:45: 16 students and 2 teachers oe the Manyanet Sant Andreu school wake up so exited.

7:50: all the students leave their houeses to go to the airport.

8:30: everyone is in T2-C of the ariport more nervous and excited than when they woke up. They say goodbye to their families and pass all the controls before going into the plane.

10:40: after two long hours of waiting doing anything, the bus that goes to the plane comes and everyone with their boarding passes goes into the bus.

11:15: the plane starts moving and it takes 10 minutes to arrive to the track

11:25: the plane starts moving fast and 2 minutes after it starts flying.

12:15 (13:15 BCN): the plane lands after two hours of flying.

13:30 (14:30 BCN): All the students have their suitcases and passed all the controls. A man is waiting for them and they all go to a van that will take them to Worthing.

14:15 (15:15 BCN): They have arrived safe and sound to Worthing and they are really excited to know all their families.

We, Júlia Vera & Laura Borraz were the firsts to go with their families. They live in St. Lawrence Avenue number 14. The house is amazing. And the family is very nice.

When we have arrived to the house we organized all our clothes and then we have talked to the family. We have been surprised when they said to is that we are having dinner at 16:00 but at the same time we were happy because we were very hungry. The dinner was delicious, they are excellent cookers. 

Then we saw a film called Paddington and then we talked with the family and we went upstairs to relax and sleep.

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