Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Trip to London

Today we went to London. It has been a funny and interesting day. We met in the train station of Worthing at nine o'clock. Then we took a train to go to London. 

The trip was a bit boring because it was very long ( an hour and a half). When we arrived in London we made a tour, we have seen some famous monuments like Buckingham palace and places like Trafalgar square, 

(we ate our dinner there). 
Then we made a tour by boat.It was cool, we continued underneath the Tower Bridge.
After that we took the underground and we had an hour to buy souvenirs or food. 

Then we went throw chinatown to coven garden and we also had time to buy some souvenirs and we went walking to underground again, we took the train and we came back.

Written by Oriol Ferro and Álvaro Moreno

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